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Sgt. At Arms Lightening Duo


A duo that contains the Sgt. At Arms Lightening Cream that lightens and smoothens underarms, and Sgt. At Arms Lightening Deo Spray that combats sweat and body odor.

Put your arms up for lighter, firmer, and smoother underarms! This #TriedAndTested duo can combat texture, odor, and sweat without sacrificing comfort and nourishment. Use them together and see results in as little as 14 days!

Perfect for

  • chicken skin
  • body-odor
  • uneven skin tone

Skin Habit
Morning Skin Habit

  1. Sgt. At Arms Lightening Overnight Cream
  2. Sgt. At Arms Lightening Deo Spray

Evening Skin Habit

  1. Sgt. At Arms Lightening Overnight Cream

Things to love



Vegan Formula

Do's & Don'ts


✓ Patch test first!
✓ Store in cool dry places


✘ Keep it in excessively hot areas
✘ Apply too much cream as this may leave a white cast
✘ If irritation occurs, discontinue use

Awesome Actives

Alpha Arbutin - an extract from bearberry plant that has natural skin-brightening properties

Witch Hazel - refines the appearance of pores and tightens the skin

Beta Glucan - locks in hydration and prevents moisture loss.

Black Currant Extract - nourishes dry and damaged skin, leaving it soft

Green Tea Extract - reduces irritation, redness, and swelling

Grapeseed Oil - improves skin’s elasticity and softness

Glycolic Acid - gently exfoliates to get rid of dead skin cells

Orange Peel - reduces pigmentation and helps even out skin tone

Citric Acid - helps fight off bacteria and odor

Vitamin E - fights off free radicals on the skin which helps protect the skin from damage

Papaya Extract - helps to remove impurities and improve underarm skin

Lightening Deodorant Spray - 65ml
Lightening Overnight Cream - 15g

*Refer to individual products for complete list of ingredients

Shelf Life
24 months

Period After Opening (PAO)
Lightening Deodorant Spray - 12 months
Lightening Overnight Cream - 6 months