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Colourtint Vault

₱9,999.00 ₱13,965.00

Ava is a dusty nude rose
Bella is a salmon terracotta
Bree is a muted rosy terracotta
Coco is a maroon red
*Dione is a milky melon
*Gigi is a strawberry coral
Jordyn is a latte brown
*Kira is a bright neutral red
Liv is a dusty mauve pink
Lola is a rosy coral
*Luna is a light autumn red
Maddie is a rosy plum
Maya is a cinnamon brown
*Naomi is a rosy pink
Ondrei is a warm golden brown
Robin is a chocolate brown
*Thalia is a fuchsia berry
Zola is a universally flattering terracotta
*Bonnie is an easy everyday mauve
Ginger is an orange terracotta
Bambi is a red orange
Summer is a friendly tangerine
*Cherry is a muted everyday red
Emma is a rosy brown nude
Lily is a peachy beige
Celeste is an everyday plum
Olive is a cocoa brown
Lucy is a chili red
Ocean is a caramel beige
*Umi is a fire red
Riley is a blood red
Ellie is a muted red brown
Tati is a sunset orange
Tara is a Christmas red
*Esme is a deep plum

*Selected Colourtints phased out as singles

Colourtint multi-use tint · matte finish · 12mL

All 35 cult-fave Colourtints in one handy case! The complete shades of our bestselling multi-use tint for endless looks. This limited edition collection is a Colourette lover's dream! #TakeTheTint